Christopher Mole

I teach in the Department of Philosophy, and in the Programme in Cognitive Systems, at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

I am also the UBC’s Department of Philosophy’s director of graduate studies. 

Office: Buchanan E 369

Office Hours: Fridays 9-10, and by appointment



Attention is Cognitive Unison (2010, Oxford University Press)

Articles and Chapters:

The Good of Friendship at the End of Life

Attention and Cognitive Penetration

Attention to Unseen Objects

Dead Reckoning in the Desert Ant

The Performative Limits of Poetry

Nineteen Fifty Eight: Information Technology and the Reconceptualization of Creativity

Embodied Demonstratives: A Reply to Wu

Three Philosophical Lessons for the Analysis of Criminal and Military Intelligence

The Contents of Olfactory Experience

The Metaphysics of Attention

Attention (Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Cognitive Science)

Illusions, Demonstratives and the ‘Zombie Action Hypothesis’

Fiction’s Ontological Commitments

Confirmation, Refutation and the Evidence of fMRI
(co authored with Colin Klein)

Faces and Brains: What fMRI can’t tell us about face recognition
(co authored with students from a class I taught at Wash. U)

The Matter of Fact in Literature

Attention and Consciousness

Attention in the Absence of Consciousness?

The Manifestability of Attention

On the Demonstration of Blindsight in Monkeys
(co authored with Sean Kelly)

Attention (Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Psychology)

The Motor Theory of Speech Perception

Self, Attention and The Sovereignty of Good

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