Economics 441
The Process of Economic Development

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Outline/Readings/Quiz Dates (Updated Sept 11th): (PDF)
September 6th Lecture notes: (PDF)
Easterlin Paradox Article: Link
September 8th Lecture notes: (PDF)
September 11th and 13th Lecture notes: (PDF)
September 15th Lecture notes: (PDF)
Previous Year's Quiz 1 (with answers) (PDF)
Previous Year's Quiz 2 (with answers) (PDF)
September 20th Lecture notes: (PDF)
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September 25th Lecture notes: (PDF)
Rogerio Returns Quiz Monday October 2nd 3.00-4.00 Room 342 Iona
October 6th Lecture notes: (PDF)
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October 9th/11th Lecture: (PDF)
October 11th/13th lecture: (PDF)
Version of Tabellini paper to read for the lecture notes: (PDF)
Quiz 3 (Last Year) Questions and Answers: (PDF)
Quiz 4 (Last Year) Questions and Answers: (PDF)
Extra office hours Wednesday October 18th 2.00-4.00
Quiz 3 Answers: (PDF)
October 23rd Lecture: (PDF)
Excerpts from Henrich Chapter 2 (PDF)