Political Economy

Reservations and the Politics of Fear (with Siwan Anderson)

Political Economy as Both a Challenge To, and Source of, Human Engagement in the Future Economy. Forthcoming in "The Economics of Artificial Intelligence: An Agenda," edited by Ajay Agrawal, Joshua Gans, and Avi Goldfarb, NBER, University of Chicago Press.

Factions in Non-Democracies: Theory and Evidence from the Chinese Communist Party (with Francesco Trebbi and Kairong Xiao)

How is Power Shared in Africa? (with Ilia Rainer and Francesco Trebbi) Econometrica, 83 (2): 465-503, 2015

The Emergence of Political Accountability (with Chris Bidner) Quarterly Journal of Economics, 128 (3): 1397-1448, 2013

Clientelism in Indian Villages (with Siwan Anderson and Ashok Kotwal) , American Economic Review, 105 (6): 1780-1816, 2015

A Theory of Minimalist Democracy (with Chris Bidner and Francesco Trebbi)

The Dictator's Inner Circle (with Ilia Rainer and Francesco Trebbi) Revise and Resubmit, Journal of the European Economics Association

Culture and Development

Corrupting Cooperation and How Anti-Corruption Strategies May Backfire (with Michael Muthukrishna, Shayan Pourahmadi and Joe Henrich, Nature Human Behaviour, 2017.

The Origins of Human Pro-Sociality: Cultural Group Selection in the Workplace and Laboratory (with Thomas Fujiwara and Tanguy van Ypersele)
Forthcoming in Science: Advances Read a lay summary of this paper in Vox

Cultivating Trust Norms, Institutions and the Implications of Scale (with Chris Bidner) The Economic Journal, vol. 121(555), 1097-1129, 2012

Trust, Social Capital and Economic Development (with Jan Zabojnik), Journal of the European Economics Association, 2005, 3(1) 51-94.

Cycles and Growth

Growth, Cycles and Welfare: A Schumpeterian Perspective (with Huw Lloyd-Ellis)

Intrinsic Business Cycles with Pro-Cyclical R ; D (with Huw Lloyd-Ellis) Review of Economic Dynamics, October, 2009

Implementation Cycles, Growth and the Labour Market (with Huw Lloyd-Ellis) B.E. Journal Macroeconomics. Volume 13, Issue 1

On the Job Learning

Managerial Skill Acquisition In the Theory of Economic Development (with Paul Beaudry) Review of Economic Studies, January 2010

The Economics Of Inefficient Technology Use (with Paul Beaudry) UPDATED VERSION (February 2009)

Links to Some Other Publications

Implementation Cycles, Investment and Growth (with Huw Lloyd-Ellis) International Economic Review, 2008, 49(3), 901-942.

Pro-Social Motivation and the Delivery of Social Services (with Michael Vlassopoulos) CESifo Economic Studies, 2008, 54: 22-54.

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