Economics 326 Section 004, Term II, 2014-2015
    Methods of Empirical Research in Economics
    Time and Location: Tuesday and Thursday 8:00-9:30am, BUCH B313 

    Office Hours: Tuesday 9:30-10:00am and Wednesday 9:30-10:00am, BUCHTower 1008 

    Teaching Assistant:  Nafis Sadat (sadatnfs at and Ruizhi Zhu  (ruizhi.zhu at

         -- Ruizhi Zhu is responsible for TA sessions while Nafis Sadat is responsible for grading assignments.

        TA Session: Tuesday 17:00-18:00, BUCH D219
        Computer Lab BUCH B126 is reserved for this class from 17:00-19:00 on Tuesday.

    Textbooks: Wooldridge J.M. (2013): Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach, 4th or 5th edition, South-Western/Cengage Learning, Mason, OH (required) 

    Midterm Exam:   8:00-9:30am on Thursday, Feb 12, BUCH B313



        Midterm 2015 Answer 

    Past Midterm:

        Midterm 2009 
        Midterm 2009 Answer 

    Past Final:

        Past Final Exam 
        Past Final Exam Answer 


        Lecture 1
        Lecture 2
        Lecture 3
        Lecture 4 (memo on distribution of the OLS estimator)
        Lecture 5
        Lecture 6
        Lecture 7
        Lecture 8
        Lecture 9
        Lecture 10
        Lecture 11
        Lecture 12 (memo on multiple linear regression)
        Lecture 13
        Lecture 14
        Lecture 15
        Lecture 16
        Lecture 17
        Lecture 18


        Assignment 1 due on Tuesday, January 20   (Notes on Summation Operator , Notes on Expectation, Variance, and Covariance)
        Assignment 1 answer  
        Assignment 2 due on Thursday, January 29   (Data Sets: CEOSAL1.DTA  401K.DTA CEOSAL2.DTA)
        Assignment 2 answer  
        Assignment 3 due on Tuesday, February 10   (Data Sets: SLEEP75.DTA  CHARITY.DTA  CHARITY_Small_Stata.DTA)
        Assignment 3 answer  
        Assignment 4 due on Tuesday, March 3   (Data Sets: WAGE2.DTA  MEAP93.DTA  LAWSCH85.DTA)
        Assignment 4 answer  
        Assignment 5 due on Thursday, March 12   (Data Sets: WAGE1.DTA  VOTE1.DTA)
        Assignment 5 answer  
        Assignment 6 due on Thursday, March 26   (Data Sets: WAGE2.DTA  HPRICE1.DTA)
        Assignment 6 answer  
        Assignment 7 due on Tuesday, April 7   (Data Sets: WAGE2.DTA)

        Lab schedule for B101, B125, and B126
        Purchasing Stata at special GradPlan pricing

    TA Session:

        Stata Code for Example 2.3
        Stata Code for 401k
        Stata Code for CEOSAL2