Economics 327, 2016-17 Term I
    Introduction to Empirical Methods

    Instructor: Hiro Kasahara
        Office: Iona Building 213
        Phone: 604-822-4814

    Office Hours: Monday 10:30-11:30 or by appointment

    Time and Location: Tuesday and Thursday 14:00-15:30, Iona 301

    Teaching Assistant: Neil Lloyd <>

    Lab Sessions: Tues/Wed/Thurs 17:00-18:00, Iona 301 (Lecture) and BIE Computer Lab (Computer)

    Textbooks: Newbold, Carloson, and Thorne Statistics for Business and Economics, 8th edition (required, older editions are also fine.) 
    Reference: Hogg, Tanis, and Zimmerman Probability and Statistical Inference (not required)  

    Midterm Exam: 14:00-15:30 on Tuesday, October 18

    Past Final Exams:

        2013 without answer
        2014 without answer
        2015 without answer

        2013 with answer
        2014 with answer
        2015 with answer

    Past Midterm Exams:



        Midterm with Answer



    Class Notes:

        Notes on Examples (Introduction)
        Notes on Summation Operator (Chapters 2 and 4)
        Notes on Mathematical Expectation, Variance, and Covariance (Chapter 4)
        Notes on Bernoulli and Binomial Distribution (Chapter 4)
        Notes on Uniform Distribution and Normal Distribution (Chapter 5)
        Notes on Sample Mean, Sample Proportion, and Central Limit Theorem (Chapter 6)
        Notes on Point Estimation (Chapter 7)
        Notes on Two Population Proportions (Introduction, Chapters 8 and 10)
        Notes on Power of Test (Chapter 9)

        Introduction with Examples
        Lecture 1
        Lecture 2
        Lecture 3
        Lecture 4
        Lecture 5
        Lecture 6
        Lecture 7
        Lecture 8
        Lecture 9
        Lecture 10
        Lecture 11


        HW Assignment 1 (Due Data: September 22) (Answer)
        HW Assignment 2 (Due Data: October 4) (Answer)
        HW Assignment 3 (Due Data: October 13) (Answer)
        HW Assignment 4 (Due Data: October 27) (Answer)
        HW Assignment 5 (Due Data: November 15) (Answer)
        HW Assignment 6 (Due Data: December 1) (Answer)


        Lab schedule for B101, B125, and B126
        Stata Data set at Stata Press
        Stata Tutorials online at Princeton
        Purchasing Stata at special GradPlan pricing

        Link to
        Exercise 2.29

    TA Session:

        Stata Code for Assignment 1 (data)
        Stata Code for Assignment 3 (data)
        Assignment 4 data
        Table for Normal, Chi-square, and t