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I work on Latin American Studies and social and political theory. My aim is for Latin Americanism to inform theory and vice versa.

The following texts are drafts, usually towards publication. Please do not quote them without my permission (which I am usually happy to give; failing that, I can sometimes point you towards a version which you can quote).

More importantly, I would be pleased to hear any comments, suggestions, or criticism you might have arising from these texts. Send them to

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I have a research blog, Posthegemony. Comments welcomed.

current projects

I am working on three book projects:

I am also currently interested in topics such as "bad Latin American literature"


My first book, Posthegemony, will be coming out from the University of Minnesota Press in 2009. Here it is in draft version:


Posthegemony is a revised version of my dissertation, Posthegemony: Cultural Theory and Latin America, October 10th, 1492 - April 13th, 2002. The dissertation is available via UMI (publication number AAT 3129061), but here it is in .pdf format:




continental theory




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