1John Forbes Helliwell

O.C., B.Comm. (U.B.C.), M.A., D.Phil. (Oxford), D Litt (Guelph/New Brunswick), LLD (McMaster), F.R.S.C.

Personal History:

Born: Vancouver, August 15, 1937

Educated: Prince of Wales High School, Vancouver, 1950-54

University of British Columbia, 1954-59, Rhodes Scholar, 1959

St. John's College, Oxford, 1959-61 (PPE)

Sessional Lecturer, U.B.C., 1961-62 (Economics)

Research Student, Nuffield College, Oxford, 1962-64 (D.Phil. in Economics, 1965)

Married 1969 (Judith): with two sons, David and James

University of British Columbia:

Professor Emeritus, 2003-

Professor of Economics 1971-2002

Associate Professor 1967-1971

Head of Economics Department 1989-1991

Member of Senate, 1989-1991, 1999-2002

Other Professional Experience:

Research Staff, Royal Commission on Banking and Finance, 1962-63

Research Staff, Royal Commission on Taxation, 1963-64

Lecturer, St. Peter's College, Oxford, 1964-65

Research Fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford, 1965-67

Econometric Research Consultant, Bank of Canada 1965-80, and Reserve Banks of Australia and New Zealand, 1971 and 1977

Visiting Fellow, Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm, 1979 and 1983

Senior Consultant, OECD, Paris, 1983-84

Managing Editor, Canadian Journal of Economics, 1979-82

Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research, 1980-

Chairman, Economic Advisory Panel to Federal Minister of Finance, 1982-84

President, Canadian Economics Association, 1985-86

Clifford Clark Visiting Economist, Department of Finance, Ottawa, 1987-89

Member, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, 1989-93

Member, Royal Commission on National Passenger Transportation, 1989-92

W. L. Mackenzie King Visiting Professor of Canadian Studies at Harvard, 1991-94

Member of International Economic Advisory Group to Ukraine, 1994

Fulbright Fellow and co-chair of Canada Program, Harvard University, 1995-96

Christensen Fellow, St. Catherines College, Oxford, 2001

Visiting Research Fellow, Merton College, Oxford, 2003

Visiting Special Advisor, Bank of Canada, 2003-2004

Killam Visiting Fellow, Institute for Advanced Policy Research, University of Calgary, Jan-April, 2005.

Member, National Statistics Council, 2002-

Arthur A.E. Child Foundation Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, 2005-

Co-director, CIAR Program on Social Interactions, Identity and Well-Being, 2005-

Main Interests in Economics:

Quantitative macroeconomics, national and international

Comparative empirical studies of economic growth

International economics, including the effects of national borders

Taxation and monetary policy

Natural resources, energy and environmental issues

Economic effects of institutions, including social capital

Well-being and social-capital

Service to the Community:

(a) Academic, community, government boards and commissions

Consumers Association of Canada, Economic Advisory Panel, 1970s

Consumers Association of Canada (B.C.), Vice-President, 1970-1974.

Canadian Economics Association since 1962, Member of Executive, managing editor of CJE 1979-82, Vice-President 1984-85, President 1985-86

Econometric Society 1965-1996, Member of the Programme Committee for the Tokyo World Congress, 1995

Vancouver Institute, Member of Executive, 1968-72

Western Institute for the Deaf since 1967, Board Member, 1968-70

Advisor on tax reform to the House of Commons Finance Committee, 1970

Member of Economic Advisory Panel, Consumer and Corporate Affairs, 1973-75

Member of Economic Advisory Panel, Time Canada, 1974-75

Economic Advisory Panel to the Prime Minister, 1974

Chair of Advisory Group to Investigate Mining Taxation in British Columbia, 1975

Member of Economic Advisory Panel, Macleans, 1976

Royal Society of Canada since 1976, no offices

Member of the Advisory Panel on Inflation and the Taxation of Investment Income, 1981-82

Chair of Economic Advisory Panel to the Federal Minister of Finance, 1982-84

Member of Macroeconomic Advisory Panel to the Royal Commission on Canada's Economic Prospects, 1983-85. Also author of study on economic productivity and growth.

Energy Probe Research Foundation, Board Member, 1988-89, 1992-94

Member of the Royal Commission on National Passenger Transportation, 1989-92

Member of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, 1989-92

Member of the Senior Advisory Group to the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, 1991-92

Member of three person International Advisory Group to the Government of Ukraine, 1994

Member of Academic Advisory Panel, Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto, 1995

Member of Programme Advisor Group, Canadian Ditchley Foundation, 1999-

Member, Academic Advisor Council on Canadian Trade Policy, Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade, Ottawa, 1999-2001

British Columbia Economic Forecast Council, Member 1999-02

Institute for Research on Public Policy, Board Member 2000-2007.

Social Research and Demonstration Corporation, Board Member, 2002-

(b) Editorship

Founding Member of Editorial Board, Canadian Public Policy, 1974-77

Founding Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Public Economics, 1974-90

Managing Editor, Canadian Journal of Economics, 1979-82

Member of Editorial Board, Economic Modelling, 1994-

Executive Editor, Journal of Asian Economics, 1995-2000

Member of Editorial Board, Canadian Business Economics, 1995-2001

(c) Consultant

OECD, Paris, 1984-85 and occasional

Bank of Canada, Ottawa, 1965-80

Awards and Distinctions:

Valedictorian of U.B.C. Graduating Class of 1959

Rhodes Scholar for British Columbia, 1959

Kiwanis Club Gold Medal and Prize as Head of Graduating Class, U.B.C. 1959

Canada Council Doctoral Fellowship, 1962-64

Killam Senior Research Fellowship, Canada Council, 1970

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, 1976

Certificate of Merit for Excellence in Teaching, UBC, 1977 (Master Teacher Awards)

Jacob Biely Research Prize, U.B.C., 1978

Faculty of Commerce, U.B.C., Distinguished Alumnus Award 1979

Killam Research Prize, U.B.C., 1987

Officer of the Order of Canada, 1987

125th Anniversary Medal, Canada, 1992

Honorary Doctor of Letters, University of Guelph, 1994

U.B.C. 75th Anniversary Award

Douglas Purvis Prize 1999

Honorary Doctor of Laws, McMaster University, 2000

Honorary Doctor of Letters, University of New Brunswick, 2001

Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award, Canada, 2003

Donner Prize, 2002-3.