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Working Papers and Presentations

May 2018 How Happy are Your Neighbours? Variation in Life Satisfaction among 1200 Canadian Neighbourhoods and Communities

John F. Helliwell, Hugh Shiplett and Christopher P. Barrington-Leigh

NBER working paper 24562

Data Set (Stata)

Data Set (Excel)

2011 Census Geographic Crosswalk


Sep 2016 Migration as a Test of the Happiness Set Point Hypothesis: Evidence from Immigration to Canada

John F. Helliwell, Aneta Bonikowska, and Hugh Shiplett

NBER working paper 22601

Jun 2007 Empathy and Emulation: Life Satisfaction and the Urban Geography of Veblen Effects

C. P. Barrington-Leigh and John F. Helliwell

NBER working paper 14593 and appendix