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Canadian Tax and Credit Simulator: CTaCS

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The Canadian Tax and Credit Simulator (CTaCS) is a package that simulates the Canadian personal income tax and transfer system. It makes use of the Stata software package. In addition to the simulator, the CTaCS package includes a database of tax and transfer parameters dating from 1962 to 2016.

You can use CTaCS to: A key aspect of CTaCS is its status as open source software. That is, all of the code and the database of tax parameters have been made freely available on the internet through these pages. If users find a way in which CTaCS could be improved, users are strongly encouraged to help build a better CTaCS by providing new code, parameters, or other help to the CTaCS team.

To get started, you should visit the Download page and submit the registration form. You will then receive access to the CTaCS download package.

The User Guide is also available here. (PDF)

The conditions of use can be read here.

CTaCS has been developed by a team led by Kevin Milligan, an economist at the University of British Columbia, in concert with several current and past graduate students. The original version of CTaCS was written in 1998 for use in Milligan's doctoral research at the University of Toronto. This original version was written in the SAS software language. In 2003-04, the entire set of programs was re-written for use in Stata. Funding for a critical phase of the development of this project was provided by a SSHRC Research Development Initiative grant (#820-2003-2009: here and here). The following contributors have provided critical and excellent assistance over the years: Matt Bell, Matthew Calver, Guang Dai, Alfred Kong, Benjamin Sand, Tammy Schirle, and Andrea Wenham. Assistance with the web interface was provided by Abhay Gupta.

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