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Survey of Household Spending Input Code

Below is a set of Stata input files for the
Survey of Household Spending, produced by Statistics Canada. These may be downloaded and used by anyone. For each year, there is a dictionary file (.dct) and a control file (.do). These files are for the 2006 revisions of the SHS for all years. For codebooks, full documentation, and SAS and SPSS code, check the UBC data library here, or the University of Toronto Data Library here.

Year Dictionary Control
Master xxx
1997 dict1997.dct
1998 dict1998.dct
1999 dict1999.dct
2000 dict2000.dct
2001 dict2001.dct
2002 dict2002.dct
2003 dict2003.dct
2004 dict2004.dct
2005 dict2005.dct
2006 dict2006.dct
2007 dict2007.dct
2008 dict2008.dct
2009 dict2009.dct ~ Home Page ~ Department of Economics ~ UBC