In 2017-2018, I am teaching ENGL 318 (Term 1), ENGL 489 (Term 1), and ENGL 319 (Term 2). I am also teaching a cross-listed course in term 2, ENGL 140/LING 140. For courses not currently being taught, old syllabuses are provided.

English 318: History of the English Language – Early History (2017W)

English 330A: The of Modern English: Sounds and Words (2016W)

English 319: History of the English Language – Later History

English 321: English Traditional Grammar (2014W)

English 331: The Structure of Modern English: Sentences and their Uses (2016W)

English 326: English Usage and Usage Guides

English 322: Stylistic Variation

English 507A: Discourse Markers (2016W)

English 489: Majors Seminar: Language (2017W)

English/Linguistics 140: Challenging Language Myths

English 508: Tense, Aspect, and Narrative



English 321, 322A, and 330A are available through distance learning but may not be offered every term. For more information about this option, see UBC Centre for Teaching and Learning Technology 

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