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                     Murat Aydede
I work primarily in philosophy of psychology/cognitive science, and more generally, philosophy of mind. In recent years, I have increasingly focused on perceptual and affective consciousness. My current research involves developing a theory of sensory affect that would also illuminate perceptual consciousness. I have also been working on a book project developing an information-theoretic (but internalist) account of perceptual consciousness and its introspection with phenomenal concepts with an aim to show how to properly respond to various recent anti-physicalist arguments.

Short Bio: I received my B.A in philosophy in 1986 from Bogazici University (formerly, Robert College) in Istanbul, and my doctoral degree from University of Maryland at College Park (UMCP) in 1993.  After spending one and a half years at CSLI, Stanford, as a visiting scholar, I moved to the University of Chicago in October 1994 as an assistant professor. Between 2001 and 2007, I was an associate professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Florida.  Since July 2007, I have been a professor in the Philosophy Department at UBC.

Here is an annotated bibliography listing (mostly) philosophical works on pain.

Some recent works:

Working drafts: (Send me an email for a copy.)

[Click here for (almost) a complete list of my works with abstracts]


The Cambridge Handbook of Situated Cognition
(co-editor with Philip Robbins)

Cambridge University Press, 2009.  

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Pain: New Essays on Its Nature and the Methodology of Its Study (editor)

MIT Press, 2006.

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