Hawthorn Place Residents' Association

The Hawthorn Place Residents' Association was formed in 2001 to represent and act on the concerns and issues of UBC faculty/staff/community residents in the mid campus neighbourhood.  Following the establishment of the University Neighbourhoods Association the HLRA was disbanded.

The email list server, now called U Town Neighbours, continues as a forum for discussion and communication open for residents of the University Town area.


To be placed on the community email list please email utown-neighbours@interchange.ubc.ca.

Useful Links

       UBC Campus Planning and Development web site.  This site contains information related to the mid-campus neighbourhood plan and other UBC planning issues. http://www.planning.ubc.ca/.

       University Neighbourhood Association www.myuna.ca.

       Village Gate Homes (Faculty and Staff Housing Landlord and rental agency)



Updated November 1, 2009