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On Friday, March 27th, Colin Hansen (Min. of Finance) announced a funding program for VSB. Included in the announcement is funding to rebuild our area schools! We have been diligent is pressing the government to act. It is also important for us to express our appreciation that they have indeed finally accted. Please send a note to our MLA, the premier of the province, Mr. Gordon Campbell, thanking him for listening to us and for approving the plan to rebuild our schools. Updates can be found on the U Hill Secondary PAC blog.

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To our MLA and Premier, Gordon Campbell; Minister of Education, Shirley Bond; all VSB Trustees, and; copy to Rebuild U Hill Committee

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Patti Bacchus - VSB Trustee and Chair of the Board
Allen Blakey - VSB Trustee
Ken Clement - VSB Trustee
Carol Gibson - VSB Trustee
Ken Denike - VSB Trustee
Mike Lombardi - VSB Trustee
Sharon Gregson - VSB Trustee
Allan Wong - VSB Trustee
Jane Bouey - VSB Trustee
Gordon Campbell - our MLA and Premier
Shirley Bond - Minister of Education
Rebuild U Hill Committee

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Dear Mr. Campbell, I am writing to thank you for finally taking action to ensure that the much needed schools in the University Hill area of the Vancouver School District are funded.

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