Econ 490: Population




Seminars in Applied Economics: Gender, Population and Health


Instructor: Nisha Malhotra  




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Introduction: In this section you are required to work on a research paper under the supervision of the instructor.  The broad themes for this section of Econ 490 are Gender, Population and Health. The course would require you to form a researchable question from topics like gender differences in decision-making, division of labor within the family, and public policies that affect the status and health of women and children.  We will draw from various development and health literature from Africa, Asia and Latin America. This course emphasizes conceptual, modeling, and empirical skills widely used in economic analysis and its application to the data from developing world.  

The first few sessions would be in a lecture format learning the recent theory and empirical evidence related to various topics in the field.  The next few sessions would be in an interactive class setting where students will learn STATA (econometric software), discuss and formalize their research proposal. At this time Students are required to complete a description of a research interest. In your research paper you would be required to carry out regression analysis to answer your testable hypothesis.  Near the end of the class students would be required to submit a rough draft of the research paper, and final papers would be due at the end of the class.

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