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Links – Film, History, & Literature

David Eltis’s Slave Trade Exercise

Links for “Twelve Years A Slave”

The New York Times’s coverage of Solomon Northup, 1853

The Times’s coverage, text only

Syllabus Tyrannus,” the tyranny of the university syllabus

“Race and the Wilful Ignorance of Margaret Wente”

Devastating review of Nicholas Wade’s “A Troublesome Inheritance”

Steve Almond on the “Football Industrial Complex”

“The Case for Reparations,” by Ta-Nehisi Coates

The Root, on-line magazine presided over by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Trayvon Martin, questions & links

A glowing review of “The Butler,” by David Denby (surprised?). And another at The Root.

Review of “Fruiitvale Station” in The New York Times

“Lincoln,” the movie – a page with links to critical reviews

Benjamin DeMott, essay on cinema & race

The Two Nations of Black America,

Readings & Links for Two Nations

Data, charts, overviews of inequity in the USA

Herman Melville, “Benito Cereno,” & The Piazza Tales

Previous Syllabi and Querstions:

H332 Questions for the Final Paper, 2014

H332 Term-Two Syllabus

H332 Term-One Syllabus for 2013-14

This is the home page for H334, a new course in African-American History at UBC. In the past, African-American History was taught as a year-long, 6-credit course (H332). But the study of the African-American past has been divided into two, 3-credit courses. H334 covers the four centuries from 1450 to 1850; H335 examines the period from 1850 to the present. H334 will be offered in September 2017; H335 will be offered in January 2018.

Thomas Jefferson Links 12_Years_A_Slave_Links

Who and what is represented in the images on this page?

What history is embedded in each of them?

In H334, we will be studying these questions, and others than flow from them. This is what H334 is all about.

Why we should take notes by hand, and not on a laptop.

Michael Brown and the killing of other black men, 1998-2014 – some links

Questions for the final paper, 2017, H334

Syllabus for H334, 2017-18

Presentation on slavery & the slave trade