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Eric Nellis, UBC emeritus prof, “Movies, American Slavery, & the Slave Trade”

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Syllabus for 2014, PDF

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H331, US History, 1865-1900, taught in Jan. 2015

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Syllabus for Term 2, 2014

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Key films for H334 & H335.

Arts One Lecture on Silencing the Past:

2015 version

UBC Site (with slides, 2014)

YouTube Site, 2014

This lecture by Paul Krause covers a range of problems in popular culture, in literature and music, and in history. It speaks directly to H334, H335, and H548D, and to on-going issues at UBC.

Here, again, is a revised presentation from January 2015.

Arts & Letters Daily: links to essays & reviews on the arts & humanities

UBC Department of History

H548D Historiography UBC H331, US History, 1865-1900, at UBC H334_homepage

Some Links for H331, H334, & H335:

David Eltis’s Slave Trade Exercise

The New York Times’s coverage of Solomon Northup, 1853

The Times’s coverage, text only

Slide Presentations on The Second Industrial Revolution, on Empire & The Great Plains, and Toward an American Empire

Benjamin DeMott, essay on cinema & race

Writing: Links & Tips

Slide presentation on the causes of the Civil War

Richard Hofstadter, essay on Lincoln

Frederick Douglass, oration delivered at the unveiling of the Freedmen’s Monument, 1876, also available here. Douglass explains why Lincoln was, and is, the president of white America, but also why Lincoln was an extraordinary person.

Treyvon Martin – Questions & Links

“Following King’s Path, and Trying to Galvanize a New Generation,” coverage by The New York Times of the anniversary of the March on Washington, 1963

Related stories in The Times: March on Washington Original Coverage; A Dream Examined; Witnesses to History; Views of Fitful Progress

“Five Myths about the March on Washington,” in The Washington Post; also see: “Fifty years after March on Washington, economic gap between blacks, whites persists”

JSTOR, where you can find scholarly articles

Eric Foner, Meaning of Freedom in the Age of Emancipation

Without Sanctuary, on lynching; photographs from the site

W.E.B. Dubois, various works, including The Souls of Black Folk, at Project Gutenberg

Slide presentation on the causes of the Civil War

Writing Tips

“Predatory Reading:” H331, H334 and H335 and for H548D

Why we should take notes by hand, and not on a laptop.

Michael Brown and the killing of other black men, 1998-2014 – some links

Links: African-American & U.S. History

Killing of Black Men

Michael Brown, Eric Garner, & many others

“Selma,” the film, two critical links:

“Doctor King Goes to Hollywood: The Flawed History of Selma,” by Gary May

Johnson Conversation with Martin Luther King, Jan 15, 1965