Selected Links for US History, 1865-1900, H331, September 2017

Many of the links from the syllabus and calendar are included below:

Slide presentation on the causes of the Civil War

Slide Presentations on The Second Industrial Revolution and on Empire & The Great Plains

Richard Hofstadter, essay on Lincoln

“Lincoln,” the movie – a page with links to critical reviews

Looking for Lincoln

Reconstruction: The Second Civil War

The Richest Man in the World: Andrew


The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow

JSTOR, where you can find scholarly articles

Eric Foner, Meaning of Freedom in the Age of Emancipation; also available at JSTOR here

Paul Krause, Battle for Homestead

Arthur Burgoyne, The Homestead Strike of 1892

Andrew Carnegie, Wealth (also available here, here, and in its original, here; Best Fields for Philanthropy; Autobiography; The Homestead Strike; various works at Project Gutenberg; The Gospel of Wealth

Mark Twain, War Prayer, also available here and here; To the Person Sitting in Darkness, which also is here; The United States of Lyncherdom, which also can be read here. There are multiple links for Twain’s satirical take on King Leopold of Belgium: Here, or here, or here.

Ida Wells, Southern Horrors, also available here

Winslow Homer, Near Andersonville, The Gulf Stream

Peter H. Wood, Huggins lecture on Winslow Homer

Without Sanctuary, on lynching; photographs from the site

George Orwell, Politics and the English Language

Strunk (and White), The Elements of Style, which also is available here

UBC: Guide to Academic Integrity

Lawrence Goodwyn, Populist Dreams and Negro Rights

W.E.B. DuBois, various works, including The Souls of Black Folk, at Project Gutenberg