Paul Krause, UBC, History

On this page, you will find links relating to UBC’s recent problems arising from multiple instances of sexual assault and predation, and the university’s well-documented, inadequate responses. Fortunately, the university seems to be taking steps to change; this academic year will prove a telling one.

Some of the links will take you far away from UBC, demonstrating the ubiquity of campus violence against women, and of their efforts to combat it.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Please contact Prof. Krause if you have some suggestions for additions. I have included links to a couple of my essays about UBC and the issues at hand.

The issues of workplace safety and of sexual assault and predation are of paramount importance, and they require that all members of the UBC community adhere to codes of behavior – in and out of the classroom and wherever we encounter each other – that respect the emotional and physical integrity of all of our colleagues, and the well-known, established behavioral boundaries which, as we are reminded on a daily basis, continue to be breached – as they have been at UBC and indeed in the Department of History itself.

My expectation is that all members of the UBC community will abide by the guidelines for appropriate behavior outlined by UBC, as well as by the standards explained above.

I have some understanding of how to negotiate the bureaucracies at UBC; should you have need of assistance regarding the problem of predation and assault, I stand ready to direct you to empathic, wise persons on campus who can provide professional support. In this, I can assure you of utter confidentiality.

If you are in immediate need of support and counseling, contact the AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre, 604.827.5180. Further support and information is available via UBC’s Student Services.

UBC has a policy on the matter of respectful environments for students, faculty, and staff. It is available here: And you may find some of UBC’s recent updates on the issue of sexual assault and workplace safety here: The university has stated that it is in the process of revising its policies on sexual assault. Check out the updates here:

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