Scenes from The Making of DCHP-2

Proofreading DCHP-1 Online:

26 June 2010 Lab BBQ on the occasion of a 35% completion rate:

The 35% cake Katrina Lo, Caitlin Bethune, Faerie Cabrera, Helen Lui (f.l.t.r)
Emma Lee (front), 35% cake (middle), and Margery Fee (back)

Emma Lee, Helen Lui, Faerie Cabrera, Katrina Lo, Caitlin Bethune, Evgenia Todorova, Stefan Dollinger, Margery Fee, Laurel Brinton (f.l.t.r.)


15 June 2010, 26% of the proofreading completed (left to right): Katrina Lo, Goeff Roeder, Helen Lui, Caitlin Bethune, Evgenia Todorova, Stefan Dollinger, Emma Lee. Plus props.


9 June 2010: 23% completed: Katrina Lo, Faerie Cabrera, Caitlin Bethune (team member Margarita Manabat is not shown). Plus tools.


Collecting citations for the Bank of Canadian English:

12 Mar. 2008: The Wednesday Noon Shift (left to right): Katrina Lo, Izabela Moldovan, Cicily Cooper, Stefan Dollinger, Breanna Laing, Sam Chung.


18 Jan. 2008: The Friday Early Shift (left to right) : Izabela Moldovan, Molika Loshi, Frank Yang and Lindsey Jiyeon


Nov. 2007 (left to right): David Stansfield, Stefan Dollinger, Margery Fee, Matthew Gruman, Breanna Laing, Laurel Brinton and Izabela Moldovan.



June 2009:
Strathy Language Unit, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario: Janice McAlpine (left) and Bonnie Hall in their new offices at Queen's.
The SLU is coordinating the digitzation of pre-1979 legacy files with a team of Queen's University students.