Corineus... heaved Gogmagog up on to his shoulders, and running as fast as he could under the weight, he hurried off to the nearby coast. He clambered up to the top of a mightly cliff, shook himself free and hurled this deadly monster, whom he was carrying on his shoulders, far out into the sea. The giant fell on to a sharp reef of rocks, where he was dashed into a thousand fragments and stained the waters with his blood. The place took its name from the fact that the giant was hurled down there and it is called Gogmagog's Leap to this day.[I.16]

GOGMAGOG'S LEAP is difficult to locate. Geoffrey suggests that the fight takes place near TOTNES, but Totnes is on an estuary, over 6 miles from the ocean. While this detail did not seem to bother Geoffrey (if he was sufficiently aware of the topography of the region to know just how far from the ocean Totnes was), it did bother later readers: hence such suggestions as Dover Cliff and Plymouth Hoe.