1. Introduction: From Migrant Writing to Ethnic Minority Literatures

A brief history of Australian Multicultural literary studies


A Bibliography of Australian Multicultural Writers and the multicultural literature collection at Deakin University

Theoretical structures


Policy work

Reinventing the national culture

Redefining the public sphere

Part I Framing Marginality

2. Marginal Positions: Constructing Cultural Difference on Various 'Posts'

Framing Aesthetics

Universal culture

Civilised (male) subjects


National cultures: Englishness/English studies

Postcolonial critiques

Minority cultures/literatures

Situated knowledge: the local

Multiculturalism: between ethnicity and race

3. The Question of Authenticity: Feminist Theory and Minority Writing

Part II Reading for Cultural Difference

4. In Journeys Begin Dreams: Antigone Kefala and Ania Walwicz

5. The Grotesque Migrant Body: Rosa Cappiello's Oh Lucky Country

6. Homeland, Nostalgia, the Uncanny: The Work of Anna Couani