Curriculum Vitae for Faculty Members

                                                                        Date:   June 15, 2012              Initials:

1.         SURNAME:  GUNEW                                FIRST NAME:  SNEJA
                                                                        MIDDLE NAME(S):  MARINA


3.         FACULTY:  ARTS

4.         PRESENT RANK:  PROFESSOR              SINCE:  1 JULY 1995



University or Institution


Subject Area


University of Melbourne, Australia


English & History


University of Toronto




University of Newcastle, Australia




Ph.D. Thesis Title:  "Mythopoeisis:  Defining Fantasy and Allegory in the Novels of James Stephens and Flann O'Brien."


(a)        Prior to coming to UBC


University, Company or Organization

Rank or Title


Manchester Polytechnic, England

Part-time Lecturer


University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia



University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



Deakin University, Victoria Australia



Deakin University

Senior Lecturer


Deakin University

Associate Professor


University of Victoria, BC, Canada




(b)        At UBC


Rank or Title




Director, Centre for Women’s &Gender Studies


Assoc. Principal, College For Interdisciplinary Studies



(c)        Date of granting of tenure at U.B.C.:  1 July 1995


7. Visiting Lecturer (indicate university/organization and dates)



(a)        Areas of special interest and accomplishments 

(b)  Keynote Speaker, etc. 1994-2012

 (c)       Editorships (list journal and dates)





(a)        Awards for Scholarship (indicate name of award, awarding organizations, date)

            Equal First Place, English Literature II, Melbourne University, 1965
            Victorian Education Department Bursary, 1964-66
            Province of Ontario Fellowship, 1969-70
            Yeats Summer School Scholarship, 1971
            Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University Fellowship, 1986
            Fellowship, Humanities Research Centre, SUNY Stony Brook, 1992
            Canadian Faculty Award, 1992
            SSHRC, 1994-97
            UBC Hampton Award (with others), 1996
            Canterbury Fellow, Christchurch, NZ, 1997
            Fellow, Humanities Research Center, UC, Irvine, 1998
            SSHRC (with M. Fee), 1998-2001
            Wall Institute Exploratory Workshop Grant (with S. Neuman), 1998
            UBC Scholar, Centre for Women's Studies and Gender Relations (July-Dec., 1998)
            University of Auckland Foundation Visitor, 1999
            Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, 2002
            Celebrate Research Award, UBC, 2002; 2004
            Killam Research Prize (Snr), UBC, 2003
            Honorary Award 1st Class of Sofia University "St Kliment Ohridski" 2007.

 (b)       Other Awards

          Appointed one of six regional directors for the international Transculturalisms project co-ordinated by the International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS) 2001-3.

     Cited as #2 top researcher in Canada in Gender Studies according to the H-Index. See Globe & Mail, March 27, 2012. Report on Business, p. B8.



1.       BOOKS

(a)        Authored

 1. Framing Marginality:  Multicultural Literary Studies, Interpretations Series. Melbourne:
            Melbourne University Press, 1994. 158 pp.

2. Haunted Nations: The Colonial Dimensions of Multiculturalisms, London: Routledge, 2004. 171pp.

(b)        Edited

 1. Displacements:  Migrant Story-tellers, Deakin University Press (1981), 207 pp.

 2. Not the Whole Story:  Proceedings of the ASPACLS Conference on Narrative (with Ian Reid) (Deakin University Press, 1982), 200 pp.

 3.Displacements 2:  Multicultural Storytellers (Deakin University Press, 1987), 149 pp.  Fully revised edition of No. 1.

 4. (with J. Mahyuddin) Beyond the Echo:  Multicultural Women's Writing (University of Queensland Press, 1988), 296 pp.  Major responsibility for coordinating project.

 5.(with A. Couani) Telling Ways:  Australian Women's Experimental Writing Australian Feminist Studies (1988), 108 pp.  Equally shared responsibilities.

 6. Feminist Knowledge:  Critique and Construct (Routledge, U.K., 1990), 357 pp.

7. A Reader in Feminist Knowledge (Routledge, U.K., 1991), 414 pp.

Translated also into Bulgarian and published 2002.

 8. (with K. O. Longley) Striking Chords:  Multicultural Literary Interpretations (Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1992), 256 pp.

 9. (Compiler with L. Houbein, A. Karakostas-Seda and J. Mahyuddin), A Bibliography of Australian Multicultural Writers, Centre for Studies in Literary Education, Deakin University, Australia (1992), 291 pp.
            [now the basis for a national continuing database]

10. (with Anna Yeatman) Feminism and the Politics of Difference (Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1993), 254 pp.

11. (with Fazal Rizvi) Culture, Difference and the Arts (Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1994), 216 pp.

12. (with S. Totosy de Zepetnek) Canadian Review of Comparative Literature, 22.3-4, September/December  1995 (Special Issue: Postcolonial Literatures)

13. [Special Issue: Food & Culture] Journal of Intercultural Studies, Carfax U.K. (Monash University, Australia) Dec. 2000.

14. [Special Issue: On Rethinking Whiteness] Feminist Theory, Sage, U.K. 8.2. Aug. 2007.

15. [Special Issue: Diasporic Women’s Writing] Canadian Literature, 196, Spring 2008.


(c)        Chapters

 1.        "Mythic Reversals:  the Evolution of the Shadow Motif," Ursula K. Le Guin, ed. J. D. Olander and M. H. Greenberg, Taplinger, N.Y. (1979):  178-199.

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