Acknowledgements                                                                                                     viii
Contributors                                                                                                                 ix
Introduction                                                                                                                xv
Sneja Gunew and Kateryna O. Longley

Part I:  Theoretical perspectives
 1   Necessary idiocy and the idea of freedom                                                              3
      Brian Castro

2   Lines of communication: Meaning in the migrant environment                                   9
     Paul Carter

3   Fifth World                                                                                                         19
     Kateryna O. Longley                                                                                 

4   Multicultural aesthetics:  A preliminary definition                                                   29
     Manfred Jurgensen

5   PMT (Post modernist tensions):  Reading for (multi)cultural difference                  36
     Sneja Gunew

Part II:  Literary histories

6   Statement                                                                                                            49
     Antigone Kefala

7   Paradox of the empty socks (or, Slowing down to hurry up)                                 51
     Peter Skrzynecki

8   The Greek dimensions of Australian literature                                                       55
     Con Castan

9   About multicultural writing                                                                                   65
     Walter Adamson

10  Teething pains                                                                                                   67
       Maria Lewitt

11   The literary and paraliterary expression of the Italo-Australian                           70
       migrant experience
       Gaetano Rando


12  Neither here nor there, left nor right nor centre: Functioning                               81
       as a multicultural writer in Australia
       Lol Houbein

13  Multicultural Australian literature and me                                                            86
       Jim Kable

14  Life makes some strange connections                                                                 92
       Lidija Simkus-Pocius

15  Writing from a non-Anglo perspective                                                                96
       Anna Couani

PART III:  Author studies

16  Before the migrant writer: Judah Waten and the shaping of a literary career        101
       David Carter

17  Letter in response to a questionnaire                                                                 111
       Margaret Coombs

18  Mena Abdullah, Australian writer                                                                      115
       Yasmine Gooneratne

19  Instead of a statement                                                                                       125
       Aina Vāvere

20  ‘In Australia, we read it differently . . .’: Interculturality and                                129
       the theory of literary criticism
       Walter Veit

21  Promitheas and his offerings                                                                              146
       Vasso Kalamaras

22  The journeys within: Migration and identity in Greek-Australian literature           149
       Nikos Papastergiadis

PART IV: Subversive re-readings

23  Exoticism is just a boutique form of xenophobia: Writing in                                165
       a multicultural society
      George Papaellinas

24  Speak as you eat: Reading migrant writing, naturally                                          168
      Efi Hatzimanolis

25  The migrant and the comedy of excess in recent Australian writing                     178
       Ivor Indyk

26  Irritations                                                                                                          187
       Dewi Anggraeni

27  This eternal curiosity: The search for a voice in the wilderness                            191
       Cornelis Vleeskens

28  Artists and islands in the Pacific                                                                         196
       Satendra Nandan

29  The Goulash Archipelago                                                                                  202
       Rosa Safransky


Part V:  Re-writings

30  Move over Shahrazad                                                                                       209
       Zeny Giles

31  Concrete poetry and my work                                                                           212

32  Miklouho-Maclay and his dingo                                                                         218
       Birimbir Wongar

33  all about ania                                                                                                     222
      Ania Walwicz


Selected bibliography of multicultural writing                                                            224
Selected bibliography of Greek-Australian literature                                                 228
Selected bibliography of Italo-Australian literature                                                    231
List of references                                                                                                     240