Graduate Students Supervision

Ph.D. Students


  • (field supervisor): Leduc, Benoit. “Why Reforms Failed: Policy Competition and Regulatory Adaptation in Japan's Postwar Health Policy?” (Ph.D. thesis completed in October 2002).
  • (dissertation committee member): Manger, Mark. “Binding Commitments and the Protection of FDI: Why More and More States Sign Away Their Rights” (Ph.D. thesis completed in July 2005).
  • (external dissertation committee member): Barrios, Paula. "Liberal Environmentalism and the International Law of Hazardous Chemicals." (Ph.D. thesis completed in December 2007).
  • (dissertation committee member): Bourbeau, Philippe. “A Study of Movement and Order: The Securitization of Migration in Canada and France.” (Ph.D. thesis completed in July 2008).
  • (dissertation committee member): Tan, Netina. "Access to Power: Hegemonic Party Rule in Singapore and Taiwan." (Ph.D. thesis completed in 2011).
  • (dissertation committe member): Freeman, Julia. "Engineered debates and emergent biosafety : the social controversy and regulatory challenges confronting GE crops in India." (Ph.D. thesis completed in 2012).
  • (dissertation committe member): Naville, Kate. "The contentious political economy of biofuels : transnational struggles over food, fuel, and the environment." (Ph.D. thesis completed in 2012).

Current supervising

  • .(main supervisor): Feditchkina, Elena. Field: Comparative political economy, Russia, EU and Canada (2006-present)
  • (main supervisor): Kalicki, Konrad. Field: Comparative identity politics, Poland and Japan (2008-present).
  • (main supervisor): Massot, Pascale. Field: Chinese politics (2009-present).
  • (committee member): Hawkins, Alice. Field: Comparative GMO politics (2008-present).
  • (committee member): Woodsworth, Tom. Field: Environmental geography in China (2008-present).
  • (main supervisor): Sinpeng, Aim. Field: Thai politics (2009-).
  • (committee member): Rebien, Tommi. Field: Defence procurement in Asia and Europe (2009-present).
  • (main supervisor): Zhang, Linting. Theme: China’s role in global energy (2009-present).
  • (committee member): Gravelle, Matt. Field: Global Stock Exchange Politics. (2010-present).
  • (committee member): Rodriguez, Fernando Villaseñor. Theme: Welfare Politics in Mexico and Japan (2010-present).
  • (main supervisor): Doray-Demetz, Pascal. Field: Comparative Political Economy (2011-present).
  • (committee member): Kornreich, Yoel. Field: (2011-present).
  • (committee member): Lian, Wenqin. Field: Law (2011-present).
  • (committee member): Juan Li Maggie. Field: Law (2011-present).
  • (main supervisor): Park, Sung Wook. Field: (2013-present).


MA students


  • (Second thesis reader): Evans, Randy. “Japan's Regional Multilateralism: National Role Conception, APEC, and the Nakayama Initiative.” MA thesis completed in March 2003.
  • (second thesis reader): Wood, Jennifer. "Straw Huts and Stone Houses: Comparing the Institutional Response of Japan and South Korea to Financial Globalization." MA thesis completed in April 2003.
  • (thesis supervisor): Garcia, Marcelo. "The Politics of Intellectual Property Rights in Post-Mao China: Technocratization of Power, Corporate Coalitions, and Multilateral Legalism.” MA thesis completed in April 2003.
  • (thesis supervisor): Teixeira, Nelson. "The Politics Behind the EU Cohesion Policy: 1974-2000.” MA thesis completed in May 2003.
  • (thesis supervisor): Weisbart, Mike. "Capitalizing on Democracy: The South Korea Developmental State in Transition." MA thesis completed in April 2003.
  • (thesis supervisor): Omukai, Asako. “Redefining the Alliance: Explaining the Reinforcement of the US-Japan Alliance in the 1990s.” MA thesis completed in May 2005.
  • (thesis supervisor): Papic, Marko. "Divesting Power: EC Comitology, GMO Approvals, and the Abdication of Power by Member States." MA thesis completed in April 2006.
  • (second thesis reader): Sternsdorff, Nico. “The Politics of Eating Sustainably: Explaining Altruism in the Ocean Wise Program.” MA thesis completed in December 2006.
  • (second thesis reader): de Merich, Diego. “On the Social State of the EU: The Ethic of Care, the Open Method of Co-Ordination and the Future of European Social Policy-making.” MA thesis completed in January 2007.
  • (second thesis reader): Trehearne, Colin. “Japanese Voluntary Environmental Agreements: Political-Economic Stability as Contributor to Effectiveness.” MA thesis, successfully defended in March 2007.
  • (second thesis reader): Lageson, John. "Methods and Means of Export Promotion: Why the United States Must Follow Europe's Example." MA thesis, completed in April 2007.
  • (second thesis reader): Bognar, Julia. "Regulating Risk: Explaining Diverging Labeling Policies between Canada and The European Union and Whether These Differences Can be Reconciled." MA thesis, completed in August 2008.
  • (thesis supervisor): Philips, Jeff. "Collecting Rent: Political Culture and Oil and Gas Fiscal Policy in Alberta, Canada and Norway." MA thesis, completed in August 2008.
  • (second thesis reader): Walsh, Mark. MA thesis defended in November 2008.
  • (thesis co-supervisor with Julian Dierkes): "Fragmented Decision-Making Processes in a Global Economy: Sovereign Wealth Funds and Policy Coalitions in China." MA thesis completed in August 2009.
  • (thesis supervisor): Goodman, Jessica. "Defining Symbolic Spaces in Response to a Globalized World Incorporating GMOs and Segregating Markets in Mexican Agriculture." MA thesis defended in November 2009.
  • (thesis supervisor): Fraser, Nicholas. "Constitutional Oligarchy: The Complex Unity of the Imperial Japanese State in the Face of Crisis." MA thesis defended in November 2009.
  • (thesis supervisor): Stockman, Christian. Field: EU Environmental Policy. MA thesis defended in November 2009.
  • (thesis supervisor): Massot, Pascale. "Sovereign Wealth Funds in China." MA thesis defended in November 2009.
  • (thesis supervisor): Chan, Evelyn. Theme: Deliberation in China. MA thesis defended in November 2010.
  • (thesis supervisor): Ma, Bernice (Hua). Theme: Hong Kong Politics. MA thesis defended in November 2010.
  • (thesis supervisor): Clark, Josh. Theme: Energy Politics in Canada. MA thesis defended in November 2010.
  • (second thesis reader): Lin, Yu-Ting. MA thesis defended in November 2011.
  • (second thesis reader): Kim, Ji-Eun. MA thesis defended in November 2011.
  • (thesis supervisor): Chen, Yunnan. Theme: China and Environmental Politics. MA thesis defended in May 2012.
  • (main thesis supervisor): Kim, Marie. Theme: Korean political economy. MA thesis defended in 2012.
  • (thesis supervisor): Zhang, Chunman. "Understanding China's Attitude toward International Order." MA thesis defended in April 2013.


Currently supervising

  • (main thesis supervisor): Kang, Yingqiu.
  • (main thesis supervisor): Lu, Wanting.



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