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Taxes and Capital Structure: Understanding Firms' Savings
spa (with Roc Armenter)
March 2017
spa Journal of Monetary Economics, accepted
spa Online Appendix

The Exchange Rate Response to Monetary Policy Innovations
spa (with Amartya Lahiri and Carlos Vegh)
spa American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 8(12), 2016.
spa Online appendix

Rural and Urban Migrants in India: 1983-2008
spa (with Amartya Lahiri )

spa World Bank Economic Review, 29(1), 2015

Limited Participation in International Business Cycle Models: A Formal Evaluation
spa (with Xiaodan Gao and Vadim Marmer)

spa Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 39, February 2014

International Capital Flows, Returns and World Financial Integration
(with Martin Evans )
spa Journal of International Economics 92(1), January 2014

Interest Rates and the Exchange Rate: A Non-Monotonic Tale
spa (with Amartya Lahiri and Carlos Vegh)

spa European Economic Review 63, October 2013

Breaking the Caste Barrier: Intergenerational Mobility in India
spa (with Amartya Lahiri and Sourabh B. Paul )

spa Journal of Human Resources 48 (2), 2013
spaOnline Appendix
In media: NY Times The Economist The Caravan

A Method for Solving General Equilibrium Models with Incomplete Markets and Many Financial Assets
spa (with
Martin Evans)
spa Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 36 (12), 2012
spa Earlier (March 2008) version

The Extensive Margin, Sectoral Shares and International Business Cycles
spa (with Michael B. Devereux)

spa Canadian Journal of Economics 45 (2), 2012

Castes and Labor Mobility
spa (with Amartya Lahiri and Sourabh B. Paul )
spa American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 4 (2), 2012
Appendix spa and spa Extended version
spaIn media: NY times WSJ Rediff

Comparison of Misspecified Calibrated Models: The Minimum Distance Approach
spa (with Vadim Marmer and Yao Tang)

spa Journal of Econometrics 169 (1), 2012
spa Supplement

Home Bias and High Turnover: Dynamic Portfolio Choice with Incomplete Markets
spa Journal of International Economics 80 (1), 2010.
ace Technical Appendix

Financial Integration, Macroeconomic Volatility and Welfare
spa (with Martin Evans),
spa Journal of the European Economic Association 5 (2-3), 2007.

International Financial Integration and the Real Economy
spa (with Martin Evans)
spa IMF Staff Paper 54 (2), 2007.

Book chapters

The Evolution of Gender Gaps in India
spa (with A. Lahiri)
spa in India Policy Forum 2014-15, volume 11, Brookings Institution and National Council of Applied Economic Research, ed. by Arvind Panagariya
spa ( New Delhi: Sage publications, 2015).

The Post-Reform Narrowing of Inequality Across Castes: Evidence from the States
spa (with A. Lahiri)
spa in Reforms and Economic Transformation in India, ed. by Jagdish N. Bhagwati and Arvind Panagariya
spa (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012).

Volatility and Growth
spa (with N. Loayza)
spa in Managing Economic Volatility and Crises: A Practitioner's Guide, ed. by Joshua Aizenman and Brian Pinto
spa (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, October 2005).

Working papers

Urbanization, Structural Transformation and Rural-Urban Disparities in China and India
spa (with Amartya Lahiri) September 2016 - submitted

Urban Sprawl and Rural Development: Theory and Evidence from India
spa (with Amartya Lahiri) October 2016 - submitted
spa Online appendix

Borders and Nominal Exchange Rates in Risk-Sharing
spa (with Mick Devereux)
July 2014 - submitted
spa Online appendix

Saving Behavior in India: Understanding the Differences across Castes
spa (with Amartya Lahiri) March 2013

Work in progress

International and Intra-national Real Exchange Rates: Theory and Evidence
spa (with Mick Devereux)

Convergence Across Castes
spa (with Amartya Lahiri)