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W. Winder, FHIS, UBC

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Cascading plot summaries project

* "Textual Russian Dolls: On generating cascading plot summaries for second language learning". Coch/Cosh Conference, Dalhousie U., Halifax, Canada May 27, 2003.

* "Linking Fancy unto Fancy:  A Semantic IDE for Cascading Summaries". Coch/Cosh Conference, U. of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada, May 30, 2004.

* "Linking Fancy unto Fancy: Towards a Semantic Codex" Digital Studies / Le champ numérique [Online], 1 13 May 2009.url


* "Structuralism: the Closed Text". Rough notes from a class talk. FHIS, UBC, February 2010.