Linking Fancy unto Fancy:
Towards a Semantic IDE for Cascading Summaries

William Winder (UBC)
COCH-COSH Conference, U. of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
May 30, 2004

(This talk and an earlier one on the same subject are indexed in the Mutanda section at CHWPNote: the stratified browser has been tested only in Netscape 7+  and IE 6.0.)

* Abstract

* Main text

* "Trishka's Caftan"

* Poetics of expressiveness: map of "Trishka"

* "Trishka's Caftan": shortened version

* "Trishka's Caftan' in the stratified browser (version 2; also as simple html)

* "Trishka's Caftan" as summarized by Word's autosummarize

* Semantic IDE ("T-Excel") functions