People tend to repeat their errors.
Someone tries to correct an error, but repeats it.
Trishka tried to repair his garment.
Trishka's caftan needed mending.
Trishka's caftan needed mending at the elbows.
Trishka's caftan got torn at the elbows.
He decided to repair it himself.
Without thinking, he got to work.
What is there to spend a long time thinking about? He took a needle.
But he damaged another part while fixing the first.
He made a patch out of one part and used it on another.
He repaired them by cutting a bit off each sleeve and using what he cut off as patches.
He cut a quarter off of each sleeve,
And patched the elbows. The caftan is all ready again.
But that left a gap where the patch was taken.
The sleeves were however shorter.
Only the arms have become one quarter barer.
It was clearly a foolish solution.
Everyone thought it was a foolish solution.
But it seemed better to him.
So what, is that a misfortune?
Everybody thought Trishka was foolish.
However, everybody is laughing at Trishka.
He didn't want to accept failure so he persisted and made the same blunder yet again.
But he persisted, using the same method again.
Trishka thought he was right and could fix the remaining problem (the same way).
But Trishka says: Well I am no fool,
And I will remedy that trouble.
He decided to patch the sleeves.
I will patch the sleeves and make them even longer than before.
He thought his solution was inventive.
Oh, Trishka is nobody's fool!
Trishka repaired the sleeves by cutting off the tails and hems and adding to the sleeves.
He cut off the tails and hems,
And made the sleeve endings longer.
Again, his solution was just as foolish as the first time.
He was satisfied with the result.
and now my Trishka is happy.
But his caftan was too short
Although he is wearing a caftan,
That is shorter than many an undershirt.
Many people do that.
Many people compound their errors too.
Many people are like Trishka:
Some people are like Trishka.
I have sometimes seen certain gentlemen
They compound their errors.
They reproduce their original error when they try to fix things.
Who, having made a mess of their affairs,
Then correct them in a similar way;
They seem to be wearing Trishka's caftan.
And lo! They are sporting Trishka's caftan.