Functions for a Semantic IDE

People --> Someone --> Trishka

Concretization and reverse Concretization: CONCR(People)= Someone /  rCONCR(Someone)= People

Metaphor: rCONCR(Richard) = courageous / CONCR(courageous) = lion

        in other words: CONCR( rCONCR(Richard)) = lion

Summary hierarchy (the theme "error" is in red):

People tend to repeat their errors.
Someone tries to correct an error, but repeats it.
Trishka tried to repair his garment.
Trishka's caftan needed mending.
Trishka's caftan needed mending at the elbows.
Trishka's caftan got torn at the elbows.


People  tend to  repeat their errors.  
Someone  tries to  but repeats it.
correct an error,

Trishka  tried to

repair his garment.
Trishka's #

  needed mending. caftan  

needed mending. +
at the elbows.

got torn +