“Trishka’s Caftan” by Ivan Krylov

Trishka’s caftan got torn at the elbows.
What is there to spend a long time thinking about? He took a needle.
He cut a quarter off of each sleeve,
And patched the elbows. The caftan is all ready again.
Only the arms have become one quarter barer.
So what, is that a misfortune?
However, everybody is laughing at Trishka.
But Trishka says: Well I am no fool,
And I will remedy that trouble.
I will patch the sleeves and make them even longer than before.
Oh, Trishka is nobody's fool!
He cut off the tails and hems,
And made the sleeve endings longer.
and now my Trishka is happy.
Although he is wearing a caftan,
That is shorter than many an undershirt.
I have sometimes seen certain gentlemen
Who, having made a mess of their affairs,
Then correct them in a similar way;
And lo! They are sporting Trishka’s caftan.