“Trishka’s Caftan”  

(Autosummarize edition, formatted with tabs)

(5%) Trishka’s caftan got torn at the elbows.

What is there to spend a long time thinking about? He took a needle.

He cut a quarter off of each sleeve,

And patched the elbows. The caftan is all ready again.

Only the arms have become one quarter barer.

So what, is that a misfortune?

However, everybody is laughing at Trishka.

But Trishka says: Well I am no fool,

And I will remedy that trouble.

(15%)I will patch the sleeves and make them even longer than before.

(10%)Oh, Trishka is nobody's fool!

(20%)He cut off the tails and hems,

(25%)And made the sleeve endings longer.

(30%)and now my Trishka is happy.

(35%)Although he is wearing a caftan,

That is shorter than many an undershirt.

I have sometimes seen certain gentlemen

Who, having made a mess of their affairs,

Then correct them in a similar way;

(40%) And lo!
    (45%)They are sporting Trishka’s caftan.