Materials for ICLDC



Links to software

Stimulus presentation systems



DMDX (free)

Paradigm (free while beta testing)

Multimedia software

VLC (free yet powerful media player, can be used to capture screen)


Camtasia (screen capture software - free 30 day trial)

Praat (audio recording and acoustic analysis)

Audacity (audio recording)


Demonstration files for English

How to see the demo: Download Paradigm >> Download the demo zip file "picture naming" and unzip it >> Save the unzipped folder under C:\Program Files\PRS\Paradigm\Experiments\ >> Open the .px file in Paradigm.

1. Vocabulary 1 - picture naming (New way to elicitate a whole bunch of words in a short time) - zipped folder

(This demo require hooking up microphone to the mic input of your computer)

2. Vocabulary 3b - Identification with feedback (English)- zipped folder

3. Listening comprehenstion 2b with test (English) - zipped folder

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