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Charles R. Menzies
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Traditional Ecological Knowledge -ANTH 515 (x-listed as ANTH 461)


Course Description

This course will focus on the role of traditional & local ecological knowledge in environmental assessment processes and in the development of resource management plans. As part of our explorations of Traditional/Local Ecological Knowledge we will examine two very important north coast BC examples: the Northern Gateway JRP process, with a focus on the community and knowledge holder panels from GitxaaĊ‚a and the role of local knowledge in laying a baseline of engagement in structuring marine use plans. Global examples will be used in conjunction with these local case studies that include both aboriginal and non-aboriginal resource harvesters and managers. This is a seminar course oriented toward graduate students and senior undergraduates in the final year of study, in which the participation of students in class discussions, exercises, and group activities is expected.

Course Syllabus

Course syllabus

Document Bank and Additional Reading List

Research and Relationships

  • Menzies. "Putting Words into Action." Canadian Journal of Native Education.Vol. 28(1&2). 2004.
  • Menzies. "Reflections on Research with, for and among Indigenous Peoples." Canadian Journal of Native Education. Vol. 25:(1). 2001

Additional Resources

Anthropology and Society. Podcasts of presentations made by Charles Menzies on a variety of topics. Some of the items may have relevance for the course. To access a podcast of available presentations copy this URL http://www.ecoknow.ca/podcast/rss.xml and paste it into your podcast software application or click here to select individual talks.




Last reviewed 18-April-2014

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