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Charles R. Menzies
Publications and Presentations
Ethnographic Film Unit


As an indigenous scholar (member of Gitxaaɫa Nation, north coast of BC) I am committed to community-based research. I endeavour to work with local First Nation organizations, such as my home commnity of Lach Klan, in north coastal BC. This commitment extends beyond my First Nations connections to inform the way I conduct all of my research. Thus, I also strive to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other community groups that are based upon collaboration and consultation.   
I have also maintained and developed research projects and relationships in which research results are used in a way that is locally meaningful and valued, for example the extension and public education activities of the Forests and Oceans for the Future project where we developed local curriculum materials for use in the community schools and educational broadcast quality videos.
Graduate students working with me have the opportunity to participate directly in my ongoing research projects.


Brittany and the Rest of Europe

North Coast British Columbia

Trans-Atlantic Connections




Last reviewed 19-April-2014

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Charles R. Menzies, Ph.D.
Department of Anthropology
University of British Columbia
6303 NW Marine Drive
Vancouver, BC. V6T 1Z1
tel 604-822-2240 | fax 604-822-6161 | e-mail charles.menzies@ubc.ca

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