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Charles R. Menzies
Publications and Presentations
Ethnographic Film Unit


My teaching includes undergraduate and graduate level instruction in both formal and informal settings. In addition to regularly scheduled courses I am pleased to work with students interested in readings courses (at graduate and undergraduate levels) or undergraduate honours thesis.

The common theme running through these classes is a focus on understanding our world in ways that enable us to make informed and progressive interventions. Students working with me in courses or as research assistants or graduate advisees share the opportunity to directly engage in real-time research and to benefit from a range of collaborative learning and research opportunities.

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Current Courses, 2019-20120

ANTH 478 Ethnographic Video Production [Term1]

ANTH 330 Rural People in the Global Economy [Term 2]

ANTH 461 / FISH 506 Traditional Ecological Knowledge - Indigenous Fisheries Management [Term 2]

Past Courses

ANTH 100 Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 220 [old outlines, grades and evaluations] First Nations of British Columbia (2016-17 version)

ANTH 300 Contemporary Anthropological Theory.

ANTH 304 Ethnography of the Northwest Coast

ANTH 329 First Nations in Canada

ANTH 330 (3) Rural People in the Global Economy

ANTH 400 History of Anthropology

ANTH 409 RMES 500Q Applied Anthropology (Natural Resource and Educational Policy Focus)

ANTH 460/461/515B, RMES 500Q Local Ecological Knowledge [Old Version]

ANTH 461 / RMES 500Q Local Ecological Knowledge

ANTH 470A Contemporary Theory: History and Anthropology

ANTH 470B Contemporary Theory: Anthropology, Espionage, and the Ethics of Research

ANTH 478 Ethnographic Video Production.

ANTH 495/540C Ecology, Social Science, and Fisheries Crises

ANTH 500(6) History of Anthropological Thought.

ANTH 515(x-listed as ANTH 461). Anthropological Study of Local & Traditional Ecological Knowledge. [Term 1].

ANTH 516 Anthropological Research Methods Seminar

ANTH 530 Marxism, Materialism and Anthropology.

ANTH 534 Ethnographic Field School




Last reviewed 04-September-2019

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Charles R. Menzies, Ph.D.
Department of Anthropology
University of British Columbia
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