Current work

"Estimating regulatory distortions of natural gas pipeline investment incentives"


"Identification and Estimation of Production Functions with Unobserved Heterogeneity" with Hiroyuki Kasahara and Michio Suzuki

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"Identification and estimation of dynamic games with continuous states and controls"

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"Estimation of best linear approximations to set identified functions" with Arun G. Chandrasekhar, Victor Chernozhukov, and Francesca Molinari

pdf available from arxiv
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"Bunching at the kink: implications for spending responses to health insurance contracts" with Liran Einav and Amy Finkelstein Journal of Public Economics Vol 146, February (2017), p27-40

published version
working paper version
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"Response to Risk of Avalanche Involvement in Winter Backcountry Recreation: The Advantage of Small Groups by Zweifel et al", Wilderness & Environmental Medicine Vol. 27, Issue 3, September 2016, p440–441

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"Beyond statistics: the economic content of risk scores" with Liran Einav, Amy Finkelstein, and Ray Kluender AEJ: Applied Economics, April (2016), 8(2):195-224

pdf, AEJ website
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"The Response of Drug Expenditure to Non-Linear Contract Design: Evidence from Medicare Part D" with Liran Einav and Amy Finkelstein, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 130(2), May 2015, 841-899

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"Selection on moral hazard in health insurance" with Liran Einav, Amy Finkelstein, Stephen Ryan, and Mark Cullen

American Economic Review, 103(1): 178-219.
Version on AER website.
Working paper version.

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"Optimal Mandates and the Welfare Cost of Asymmetric Information: Evidence From the U.K. Annuity Market" with Liran Einav and Amy Finkelstein.

Econometrica, 78(3), 1031-1092, May (2010).
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