Medieval and Arthurian



Siân Echard, University of British Columbia


I have created many web pages to support my teaching over the last few years; they have gone up and come down as the courses have come and gone. Some people have asked that I make these pages available on an ongoing basis, so I’m including a set of links below. However, I won’t be updating inactive web pages very often, and I haven’t done much, beyond removing links to old course syllabuses, to break these pages out of the contexts for which they are created—these pages were generally speaking conceived of as being supplementary rather than free-standing. As with all my pages, this material is for educational use only, and some of it is drawn from my ongoing research. Please do not use this material without my permission; you can e-mail me at

September 2016: Some of the pages below are being renovated, and so the links are (temporarily) inactive)

Arthur and Fortune Adapting Chaucer: The Clerk’s Tale
Arthur in History Adapting Chaucer: The Miller’s Tale
The Arthur of the Welsh Adapting Chaucer: The Franklin’s Tale
  Adapting Chaucer: The Wife’s Tale
An Arthurian Chronology Books in UBC Special Collections
Arthurian Resources British Antiquities
Arthurian Swords Chaucer Manuscripts and Books on the Web
The Death of Arthur Early Printed Books on the Web
Caxton and Winchester Froissart
Courtly Love From London to Canterbury
Elaine of Astolat and the Lady of Shalott Y Gododdin
Galahad The Golden Cockerel Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Gawain John Gower
Geoffrey of Monmouth and Medieval History Guy of Warwick
Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Britain Medieval Drama
Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Reputation Medieval Manuscripts on the Web
Guenevere Medieval Welsh Poetry
Lancelot Medieval Welsh Prose
Merlin Old English Poetry
Morgan le Fay Pliny at UBC
Perceval Runes
The Quest for the Holy Grail The Ruin
The Roman Wars The Seafarer
A Tennysonian Arthurian Chronology The Wanderer
Tristram The Welsh Triads
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